“I am so grateful for your recommendations, along with the plant choices appropriate for a sensory garden.  What a valuable resource!!

Heather Luth, Dementia Program Specialist for Schlegel Villages Retirement Care Homes, Ontario, Canada

Garden Activity Signs

Why clutter the garden with signs?

Gardens provide restorative and therapeutic benefits galore, and even more so in healthcare and social service settings.


Do your residents, patients and staff interact with your garden as much as they might? Could they benefit more?

Do they know which flowers smell good and which herbs to rub and sniff for a heady experience?

See the attachable signs

Where hands-on gardening is encouraged, people may need permission to water a thirsty plant, pick a flower or harvest a few beans.

See the plant tags

Signs are a valuable communication tool, especially when the garden is open more hours than you can be there to facilitate activities.

See the stake signs

If you use only a few signs at a time, and move them occasionally, you'll create new experiences of nature for your peeps!

See all the signs

Garden Activity Sign Customer Stories

"The patients work on their mobility"

“At the rehab hospital, I placed the plant tags around a
courtyard garden. The patients work on their mobility in the garden area and try to locate the various tags and then follow through with enjoying the sensory cues to smell, feel, water etc."

Kay Richmond, Recreation Therapist, Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital, Santa Barbara, California

"I am happily reminded to "Listen for Me"

"I was lucky to receive one of Shelagh's garden activity signs as a prize at a conference I attended specially to hear her speak. Upon returning home, I placed it in my window for all passersby to see.

"Each time I see it myself I am happily reminded to "Listen for Me". It helps me connect and be present with my feathered friends."

Sheila Bailes, HTR, Horticultural Therapist, Victoria, BC

  • Designed by a horticultural therapist to offer accessible activities for all to enjoy

  • Illustrated by a professional artist to communicate a beautifully clear message

  • Inspired by nature to be wisely eco-friendly in materials, production and purpose

  • Accompanied by a 24-page booklet of activity ideas to optimize the benefits for your garden visitors

  • a perfect gift for Mom...

    "My mom grew up on a farm and loved gardening her entire life.  She is currently living in a care home and has limited ability to speak or move.  But she still enjoys spending time among the flowers at her care home.  The garden activity signs were a perfect gift for Mom - a reminder of her love of flowers and how she loves to share them with others.  The activity workers at Mom's care home were pleased to come across the garden activity signs my mom and I placed in the garden."

    Doug Sherlock

  • they worked so well for us...

    "One of the residents I work with at the LTC [long-term care home] came first at the Brampton Fall Fair with her 'Get Well Basket for a Friend.' She put together a get-well basket with all sorts of things from the garden, but what made me smile was that she insisted we include your signs. You couldn't have a get-well basket without them! 'They worked so well for us that we should show them to everyone.' Now that's high praise for ya!"

    Emma Rooney, Creativity Facilitator & Founder, Blooming Caravan, Toronto,