Nature-based Wellness Programming for Healthcare Professionals & their Peeps*

Welcome to Thrive With Nature!

As a horticultural therapist and online educator, I inspire healthcare providers and caregivers:

  • to notice nearby nature in daily life for restorative self-care, and
  • to offer simple garden and nature programming to their peeps* for health promotion and therapeutic intervention.

*peeps: patients, clients, residents, program participants, students, family members ... whatever your name is for the people you serve

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Practice Self-Care by Noticing Nearby Nature

Nature Self-Care Poster

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My way of caring for healthcare providers and for caregivers of people and planet

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In this workshop, you'll learn how to cite relevant research to strengthen your garden and nature program proposals, whether you’re seeking employment, approval for a new program, or fundraising for a garden.

What you'll get:

  • a 30-minute video focused on garden program research
  • a 30-minute video on nature-based intervention research
  • a 14-page Google workbook & guide (includes keywords commonly used in garden research and nature-based intervention research)

$26 USD or $35 CAD

Sweet Re-Leaf

Garden & Nature Programming for Mental Wellness

45-minute recorded workshop

This training is for you if you’re a recreation therapist or other healthcare professional wanting to offer brief, nature-based wellness programming to your peeps.

You’ll learn a person-centred approach for engaging your peeps with nature that: 

  • builds a therapeutic bond with them
  • brightens their mood and mental attitude
  • offers sensory, social and creative aspects
  • avoids the challenges of a full-on gardening program
  • can be done anywhere, anytime, with little to no budget
  • is brief and profoundly beneficial.

This 45-minute recorded workshop offers an easy and gentle approach for you to invite your peeps to engage with nature items (and with you!) for improved mental wellness.

Includes a sensory plant list and a list of additional resources.

$26 USD or $35 CAD

Watch with your colleagues. You’ll learn how to notice nearby nature to:

  • immediately reduce fatigue,
  • increase your creativity and productivity, and
  • have more energy at the end of the work day.

This 50-minute recorded workshop is chockful of insights, research results, and simple activities for enjoying nature as professional self-care, while enhancing your job performance.

Includes a worksheet and reference list with links to journal articles.

Price: $26 USD or $35 CAD

Experiential Online Program

Enrollment is open

Tell me more about this experiential program

Garden Activity Signs

Invite your garden visitors to stop and smell a rose, or help care for the garden.

12 illustrations available in 3 types of all-weather signs.

Meet Shelagh Smith, HTR, MAEEC

Shelagh Smith, HTR, MAEEC

For 20+ years, I:

  • designed and delivered therapeutic garden and nature programming for long-term care residents and for people with mental health issues,
  • collaborated on the design of restorative and enabling gardens, and
  • educated healthcare and social service professionals on providing therapeutic nature programming to their peeps.

During a few tough years in my personal and professional life, I developed daily self-care practices of engaging with nearby nature that have brought a level of joy and exuberance I didn’t know was possible in daily life (despite being a horticultural therapist!).

Now I inspire other healthcare professionals, as well as caregivers of people and planet, to grow their own personalized nature practice.

'A Daily Nature Practice', my experiential online program for healthcare professionals wanting restorative self-care, has been on offer since January 2019. The evidence-based practices I share are simple, enjoyable and easily personalized to fit your busy schedule, location and nature preferences.

I invite you to join me in a playful and profound experience of nature, full of creativity, wonder and joy.

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