Tips for Ordering Signs

Tips for ordering Garden Activity Signs

Choose Your Currency

The default currency is Canadian dollars. To change this, click on 'CAD' in the header and choose another currency.

Request a 15% Discount if You're an Overseas Customer (Outside of Canada and the United States*)

The overseas discount is meant to offset customs duties and fees, which you may have to pay to pick up your signs at your local post office. Your country’s sales tax may also apply at that time.

Here’s how to receive your 15% overseas discount:

  1. Sign up for my monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page
  2. Email me to request the discount and tell me what country I'll be shipping to
  3. I’ll add the 15% discount to your name on my mailing list, and email you with your discount code
  4. Shop for your signs and apply the discount code at checkout

*US Customers: No overseas discount for you because you don't pay any duties or taxes on orders up to $800. What a deal! It’s called the De Minimis Exemption (more info here).

Canadian Customers: I ship from Canada, so Canadian orders don’t incur duties. Provincial sales tax is added to your order at checkout.

Accept the Terms and Conditions

You'll need to tick the 'I accept the terms and conditions' box before proceeding to your cart. At that point there isn't a handy link for you to go to the 'terms and conditions' page, so if you'd like to read them first, click here or click the 'Terms and Conditions' link in the footer. Refund policy is included.

Calculate Your Shipping Cost

When you're finished shopping, you can calculate your shipping rate at the bottom of the cart page before proceeding to checkout.

Let Me Know if You Encounter Problems

I want to give you the best possible service, so please let me know if you encounter any problems with the website, the signs or my online workshops. Thanks!

Expect Your Shipment

Your sign order will be shipped within 1 to 3 business days, barring any unforeseen circumstances. I will email you if your shipment is delayed. 

You'll receive an email saying your signs have been shipped, along with a tracking number.

Thanks for ordering Garden Activity Signs! May you be refreshed by nature!