Ways to enjoy nearby nature are as unique and diverse as we are.

  • Freebie Poster

    Place this poster where you'll see it every day so you'll be reminded to take restorative nature breaks. Even moments or minutes of noticing nearby nature can provide evidence-based benefits. Reference list included.

Nature in the Workplace

Professional Self-Care for Healthcare Providers

Watch this workshop with your colleagues. You’ll learn how to notice nearby nature to immediately reduce fatigue, increase your creativity and productivity, and have more energy at the end of the work day.

50-minute recorded workshop, with worksheet and references.

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A Daily Nature Practice

Restorative Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals & Caregivers

A 7-module experiential guide to creating enjoyable habits of engaging with nearby nature that improve how you feel and function in your daily life.

Easily personalized to suit your unique nature interests, your location and the time you have available.

Participants report feeling joy and rejuvenation, with improved mood, energy and focus.

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