You don't need to be an experienced gardener or naturalist to share nature experiences with your peeps, whether that's your patients, clients, students, colleagues or friends & family.

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4 Online Workshops that Make Sharing Nature Easy!

Each of the workshops below is $26 USD or $35 CAD

Sweet Re-Leaf

Garden & Nature Programming for Mental Wellness

Want to offer brief, nature-based wellness programming to your peeps?

You’ll learn a person-centred approach that: 

  • builds a therapeutic bond
  • brightens their mood and mental attitude
  • offers sensory, social and creative aspects
  • avoids the challenges of a gardening program
  • can be done anywhere, anytime, with little to no budget
  • is brief and profoundly beneficial.

45-minute recorded workshop, plus additional resources

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Getting Started with Garden Programming

Offering therapeutic garden programming can be challenging, yet well worth the effort!

You'll learn:

  • the evidence-based outcomes of gardening (from recent systematic reviews)
  • how to decide between group and one-to-one gardening sessions 
  • non-toxic plant choices 
  • how to overcome challenges by starting small, engaging your community of care, and creating systems 

57-minute recorded workshop, plus worksheet & additional resources

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Search for Research

How to Use Google Scholar to Support Your Garden & Nature Programming

Learn how to search for and cite relevant research to strengthen your garden and nature program proposals, whether you’re seeking employment, approval for a new program, or fundraising for a garden.

I share my screen as I demonstrate by example how you can confidently search in Google Scholar for recent rigorous research that’s relevant to your participant group and to the garden and nature intervention you (wish to) facilitate. 

60-minute recorded workshop with a 14-page workbook & guide

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Search for Research Testimonial:

"I just completed a proposal where my client asked for some evidence-based studies to go along with the programs and garden design that I have recommended for them.  Your very practical and thorough presentation, along with the extremely helpful 'research guide' was invaluable.  I was able to provide some amazing resources to this prospective client with very little difficulty - something I don't think I would have been confident doing before your talk."

Lynn Leach, Horticultural Therapist & Landscape Designer, Bird's Foot Design Studio, Ontario, Canada

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Nature in the Workplace

Professional Self-Care for Healthcare Providers

Watch this workshop with your colleagues.

You’ll learn how to notice nearby nature to:

  • immediately reduce fatigue,
  • increase your creativity and productivity, and
  • have more energy at the end of the work day.

This evidence-based, professional self-care practice is quick, easy and playful. Best of all: you’re likely to feel the benefits right away!

50-minute recorded workshop, with worksheet and references.

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'Nature in the Workplace' Testimonial

I will be paying attention to Nature more

"WOW, I have a new tool to use in my tool box. Thank You. I was noticing nature, but I will be paying attention to Nature more. It was excellent. GREAT JOB.

"I have a great opportunity to present to co-workers this week."

Fran Wehlage, Recreation Therapist