Elevating Fragrant Flowers to Euphoric Heights

Elevating Fragrant Flowers to Euphoric Heights

When does a wall work wonders? When it lifts fragrant flowers to your nose! 

Take the lowly dianthus. Few know it intimately, since it grows so close to the ground that you literally have to get on your knees to enjoy its sweet cinnamon smell. And that's if you even know that it's worth doing.

Imagine my delight when I chanced upon dianthus raised to nose height atop a stone wall. Now that’s an accessible sensory experience! A thoughtful garden design that deserves appreciation.

Kudos to the town of Harrison Hot Springs for enabling moments of fragrant euphoria. 

They added lavender with a traditional lavender fragrance, fuzzy lambs’ ears to caress...

... and an ornamental grass to run fingers through. I’m in sensory bliss.

Additional enabling features include a ramp (rather than stairs) and a handrail as a helping hand up the gradual incline.

How might you elevate your fragrant plants to more easily enjoy moments of euphoria? Pots, planters and hanging baskets are a few of the options.

A wall made of local stone adds texture and colour as well as elevating sensory plants to heady heights.

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