Garden Activity Signs have all arrived!

Garden Activity Signs have all arrived!

Garden activity signs are here! They’ve all arrived now. I’m so excited to share them with you, and for you to share them with your garden visitors.

You could be one of the first to get these unique garden programming tools. The eye-catching artwork will invite your garden visitors to nourish their senses: to rub and sniff a leaf or smell a flower, look closely at a plant or listen for birds. Engaging with nature provides benefits like reduced stress and pain, improved mood and enhanced concentration, for starters.

Then there are the hands-on activities, like watering, sweeping, removing spent flowers and harvesting beans or peas. Twelve images in all, and three types of signs to choose from so you can place each sign exactly where you want to draw attention.

These signs will bring your garden alive with activity and conversation, even when you’re not in the garden. You can order sets of signs and/or individuals signs, whatever will work best for your situation.

It’s been a labour of love to bring the garden activity signs to market. I’ve explored artists, materials, and printing methods to bring you quality sign products that are durable, weather resistant, recyclable, easy to use and most importantly, accessible to people of diverse abilities.

The learning curve has been pretty much straight up. I’ve had a service-based business for over 20 years, but bringing a product to market is a whole new adventure. I had help from Laura Aveledo at Small Business BC to write my business plan, some of the funding from VanCity, and financial mentorship from Brandi Wingrove through the Women’s Enterprise Centre to get me up to speed on financial management. The Shopify online store I created myself and I’m updating it regularly. I’m plugging along a bit at a time, with nature excursions in between to keep my life in balance. Callum and I got up to the snow on Mount Seymour a couple of times last week: here’s my personal Facebook post about that.

Gotta admit, I’m kinda proud of what I’ve created. And I’m delighted to be of service by providing you with a simple, practical, cost-effective way to encourage more engagement with nature. Your garden visitors will thank you. 😊

Take a look at the signs on my online store. There are 12 images and three different types of signs. Which ones appeal to you?

You can read more about the signs here.

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Let's thrive together with nature today!


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