For Garden Enthusiasts

VanDusen Botanical Gardens Laburnum Walk

Many gardens and their visitors are likely to come alive and thrive with garden activity signs. 
Is your garden one of these?

Gardens at care homes for seniors, and at supported community-living homes for teens and adults: to reduce stress, increase social interaction and improve quality of life

School gardens: to improve attention, creativity and problem-solving; provide active place-based learning and cater to students with a hands-on learning style

Corporate gardens: for employee wellness, productivity and job satisfaction

Therapeutic gardens in healthcare and social service settings: to reduce stress and provide restorative benefits, and for nature-based therapeutic interventions

Enabling gardens with facilitated programs: to improve skills and provide participant-specific therapeutic benefits

Community garden areas tended and enjoyed by community members: to invite participation

Display and botanical gardens: to engage, educate and provide benefits to visitors

Home gardens: to encourage the kids to notice nature and do garden ‘chores’ like sweeping and watering; also to draw attention to sensory plants, especially if your garden is included in a garden tour!

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