For Garden Program Leaders

Banfield Patio Garden in 2016

What if there was a way to lead garden activities without even being there? Imagine your clients in the garden, feeling confident that the beans are ready to harvest, the pineapple sage is worth rubbing and sniffing, and it's okay for them to pick a daisy or two. Meanwhile, you're leading another program, catching up on paperwork or better yet... walking in the woods on your day off!

I wanted my clients to know the garden is theirs to enjoy and nurture. I felt frustrated that I had only a few hours per week to lead garden activities. The garden was available all day every day, but the clients were more likely to engage with the plants if I guided them to smell the peonies and showed them which plants would like a drink of water.

I wanted a solution… so I created one.

I designed a set of 12 garden activity signs to give my clients permission, encouragement and basic instruction in how to independently enjoy and care for the garden. They now have activities to do when they choose to come out to the garden by themselves, with their family and friends, or with staff or volunteers.

The signs offer 6 sensory and 6 hands-on activities to enjoy, the garden gets looked after, and I get the satisfaction of knowing the signs are at work even when I’m not.

Whether you’re an experienced garden program leader or just starting out, these garden activity signs can make your work more effective. Easily extend your reach to more clients and bring the garden alive for them, providing them with more of the evidence-based benefits that come from engaging with nature.

The signs can be moved as often as you wish to create new experiences for your regular garden visitors. While you look around the garden for the next spots to place the signs, you get to enjoy the sensory activities and reap the benefits yourself.

If you choose more than 6 signs, you'll receive a 24-page instruction booklet chock-full of ideas for programming with the signs. Way less prep and planning required than most gardening activities.

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