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Thrive With Nature

Nature Connection Decals (Singles)

Nature Connection Decals (Singles)

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Nature Invitation

The living world is ready to enchant you, indoors and out! 12 playful decal designs will capture your imagination and remind you to engage your senses with nearby nature.

Stick 'em indoors on your laptop, fridge, desk, next to a window view or the door to outside. Stick 'em for good, or keep 'em mobile by using magnets, pins, tape...

Stick 'em outdoors on your bumper, on garden signs*, anywhere with a smooth surface.

Choose how many you want of each using the drop-down menu just above. Minimum order is 3 decals or signs (can be a combination of plant tags, attachable signs and decals).

Decals have rounded corners because life isn’t meant to be lived in straight lines. Glare-free matte finish. Light green background.

Size is about 5.7" x 4.1" (14.5 cm x 11 cm).

*If you want to put your stickers on garden signs, I have 17" tall plastic stake signs with a tilted face that's just the right size for these decals. Signs are available here in sets of 6 (while supplies last). Or you can order a box of 100 in yellow, black or white from Macore in Oregon, USA.

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